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Visiting Nikki

April 14th, 2018, 3:21 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply skyangel, April 14th, 2018, 3:21 pm

I always find self-perception of my own art a difficult thing to get my head around. When I look at the art of people less experienced than myself it makes me feel more confident about my own and when I look at the art of people more talented than myself I wonder if I could ever reach their standard in my lifetime. I just always know I'm somewhere in the middle! It all feels very healthy though. I still love to look at the art that inspired me as a child and weirdly when I do look at that artwork again I always feel a long long way from ever being able to equal them, but it's also a nice feeling because these same artists have inspired me to do better for a whole lifetime and although it's a nice feeling to impress people with what I can do at times, nothing equals that excitement of being blown away by the work of another.

So saying, I'm not in love with this page because my heart was totally on next weeks page, where Lucy reunites with Laura, and this page just happened to be in the way and it probably shows. Thanks to Becky's skilful colouring though it does look so much more exciting now than when I first handed it to her.

nuff said.

Have a nice week! :)

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User's Comments:

Reply Linn, April 14th, 2018, 4:14 pm

I know what you mean. Artists will always try to get better but there is never really an "end" to the learning curve. There will always be things you don't know and you will always feel 'in the middle' and honestly that's the place you want to be.
In the comic community there is always a handful of people that seems unwilling to take advice or constructive critique.
They never really progress ever and they feel comfortable staying in that spot.
On a comic course I went to one of the lectures mentioned these are 'stranders' because they rest in place and are unable to get anywhere.
A youtube artist mentioned that the more you 'hate' your own art the more you have the ability to be getting better. Being able to see your own mistakes means your ability to see mistakes are a few levels above your drawing-skill and its easier to adjust your skill to be on the same level as the eye-level. .
There's always people better, or worse!
I realized I got way too high expectations on my own art...
It never becomes EXACTLY how you want it to be. Art is a journey, not a destination. Looking back at old art helps to know where one stands in the learning curve and its easier to look at the whole picture.
I usually learn by copying things i like. Not directly like its my own art of course, but doing sketches of things i like about their art. A particularly well-drawn nose, or eye, or expression...
Then later you will always pick up things and make your own versions. Its how i progress most of the time, just doing life drawing does nothing for me if i don't know tricks to transfer real life images to drawings.
I'm sure you already know this though since i think you once mentioned you've been at art school or maybe im thinking of Sarah haha.

As for todays page, love it!
I am guessing maybe Nik will get a new roomie soon (maybe)?! Looking forward to see thenext page of this story.

Reply skyangel, April 22nd, 2018, 4:24 am

@Linn: I'm late responding to the comments this week but this made very interesting reading because I've just updated with an editorial along much the same lines as this. It's interesting what your teacher said about 'stranders' because it does address this wall between what is right or wrong in art. I remember some years ago showing some kids how to draw an enlarged copy of a pic onto their paper using the grid system of squares and some of the older kids stubbornly refused to do it, just copying it freehand as they always did. As a 'teacher'I felt undermined by their lack of trust in me but at the same time I felt like your teacher, that if they did embrace the idea just once then at least it would be something they could come back to at a later date when they may see the true value of it, like painting a mural.

Reply MichaelHartman, April 14th, 2018, 6:22 pm

I think the art is great, you put effort in to this web comic. So don't get down on your self

Reply skyangel, April 22nd, 2018, 4:27 am

@MichaelHartman: Thanks Mike. I'm just being honest about how I feel about my art tho period. It's the bad art days that make the good art days feel like such a high!

Reply ohanyname!, April 14th, 2018, 7:10 pm

Here we go again...

Female insecurity.

My kids (twin girls, single male parent) have everything going for them. They're bright and they're pretty. But they don't feel they are quite good enough.

I told them to man up. And then all three of us laughed. But they got my point.

Man up will you Sare? :-)

Reply ohanyname!, April 14th, 2018, 8:10 pm

I probably comment more here than I should because I don't know that much about art.

I also comment at with the same name (only without the exclamation mark - ohanyname). About Physics. I'm a physicist. There have been some excellent discussions there over the last few days. These might amuse you while you wait for Sare to get over her writer's block.

Reply skyangel, April 22nd, 2018, 4:27 am

@ohanyname!: I'll have to check you out! ;)

Reply kidcthulhu, April 15th, 2018, 11:06 am

I know all too well about doing pages because you have to rather than because you want to.

With my format, I do two weeks of somewhat standalone pages and then do a week (or two week) arc. I often find myself writing and drawing a great arc and then being forced to back-fill the non-arc pages before it. Doing that gap fill sometimes feels like a chore. Eventually a good joke/scenario will come and it's not so bad. But I hate staring at the holes in my master list/calendar.

I've also had times where I couldn't execute my idea as well on paper as it was in my head. It leaves me thinking, "If someone else did the art, this page would have been amazing." But as I've said before, if I keep getting hung up on little details for the sake of perfect, I wouldn't be nearing 800 pages.

I like this page, BTW; it's great to see Nikki again.

Reply skyangel, April 22nd, 2018, 4:43 am

@kidcthulhu: You're a very disciplined artist for sure and your consistency in updating shows how well planned and methodical you are in producing a constant supply of comics. I really admire that because you are always having to come up with new ideas for story arcs and one off jokes too. The gap between what we want to get on paper and what we achieve is always such a driving force isn't it!

Reply Fruitbat44, April 21st, 2018, 9:38 am

For a page which isn't much loved, it's really kinda neat.

I liked the top panel, it gave a real feeling of leaving, a point of things changing.

And I liked some of the touches in the other frame e.g. Janey's portrait against the wall.

And where do we, and Sarah and Lucy and Laura and Nikki go from here? We shall see.

Reply skyangel, April 22nd, 2018, 4:47 am

@Fruitbat44: You're the only person on both sites that has commented on the pic of Janey behind the sofa! It was a last minute thought as I had a space that needed filling and some art felt like the easiest option which also prompted me to think that a reminder of Janey at this point would be rather nice.

Reply Karlijn, May 2nd, 2018, 12:55 pm

The way you draw scenes is beautiful, not just the backgrounds but your comic always feels dynamic, like it's set in a real space. I always struggle with that. Your way of drawing comics is definitely one I look up to, so for me you're one of those artists I look to :)
A teacher pointed out that the more we learn, the more we are aware of how little we know. I guess that goes for skills as well as knowledge. When I was younger I was satisfied much more easily with my drawings. There's nothing wrong with feeling a bit envious at times, we'll always learn more things if we want to.

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